My style: Granny Chic

There is something fun about incorporating something old into your style, both for weddings and everything else.  From home decor, to clothing to event decor, there is something unique about “granny chic”.   It seems as though the chevron pattern and damask have been used quite frequently already, so in this blog we will highlight some new styles and designs to keep your look fresh and updated while celebrating “granny chic”!

Granny Chic Style #1 – Houndstooth is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary.  Just be careful not to mix too many patterns with it as it may look too busy!


Granny Chic Style #2 – Lace overlays are romantic, elegant and the perfect display of that vintage feel many weddings celebrate!  A lace design over a solid tablecloth is perfect for a glamorous wedding table.


Granny Chic Style #3 – Stripes and polka dots!  Chevron is simply a cousin to the basic stripe pattern and as much as we love chevron, it is time to mix it up!  We love mixing stripes with a flirty polka dot pattern.  The simplicity and basic stripe pattern next to a fun polka dot is perfect for lightening the mood!


Granny Chic Style #4 – Plaid oftentimes gets the reputation of either camping gear or fabric for a nerdy dress shirt!  However, when done right, the classic plaid pattern can give your wedding a classic updated feel.  Take a mix of unique colors and present your plaid design in simple pieces at your wedding and you will be pleased with the impression it makes.


Granny Chic # 5 – The look and feel of gingham is reminiscent of playful summer dresses and a breezy day in the country.  When mixed with more formal pieces however, a gingham pattern can help make a formal wedding more personal and carefree.  We love that this traditional pattern comes in so many colors and sizes which you can mix together for extra contrast.  We show it below used in both a light pattern and a darker pattern so you see the versatility of gingham.  It can be a great addition to any wedding style.



These are just 5 of many “granny chic” styles we love.  The sky is really the limit when you coordinate your wedding style.  Don’t be afraid to leave the more common patterns you see used today for a mix of something different which will make your wedding stand out from the rest!


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